Monday, January 3, 2011

Roommate Reunion 2010

2000 was a good year. It was my Sophomore year in college and the year I lived in King Henry Apartments with these lovelies...

Four of us (Cortney, Katie, Hanne, and I) were in the same Freshman ward, and Linsy joined us as a transfer from RICKS. This became my core group of roomies in college, and in August of 2010 we were reunited!!

Honestly, I still can't believe we pulled this off. Katie wrote an e-mail this summer saying that she and her cute fam wanted to come for a visit. We settled on a weekend in August, excited to spend some time hanging out together. Some time after that, Linsy came down with her boys for an impromptu visit. (I love that she lives a mere 2 hours' drive from here). Lins decided to plan a return visit to coincide with Katie's visit. We tossed around the idea of having a real roomie reunion, but it seemed like a total dream scheme. After that, my little family was on vacation in Williamsburg for a week, so no further planning was going on. Upon returning, though, we started making some calls. Cort bought a plane ticket a week out from reunion time (Am I right on the timeline, gals?), and Hanne amazed us all by purchasing her ticket to come out with just 1-2 days' notice. Props to Cort and the Hannster for coming from UT and CA, respectively. Double props to Hanne's baby Chase for enduring cancelled flights and 17 hours in airports and planes on the way to VA. It was totally worth it when we ALL showed up at the airport to pick you up...right, Hanne? I'm reliving that moment, and it is still so surreal that we were really ALL together again!

We spent a little time at the neighborhood pool.
(Notice baby John totally zonked in my arms, even though he is hanging out in the water - such a sweet boy. It is a major blessing that he will nap on the go).

Here are some of the kiddos (Megan, Annie, Emma, and Spencer) warming up in the sun.

Here is Eric under the mushroom waterfall. We were SO glad he came to keep Adam company and to help move our group, which included 10 kids, from one activity to another.

We went to the National Zoo on a hot, muggy, humid, August VA day. The kids were troopers. It helped that we had some "Bear Hunters" along. Before we left, the boys had been gathering lots of "bear hunting tools" in a box - miscellaneous toys from the basement, really. Spencer decided they all needed to wear matching shirts with the letter B written on them (in washable marker, of course).

Remember how I said we had 10 kids along? Well here is a photo of the stroller brigade to prove it. Yes, these all belong to our group...including baby James who is sleeping through the noise of the Ape House.

What's that look for, Cort?

We took a walking tour of some of the monuments by starting at the FDR Memorial (a favorite) and walking around the tidal basin.

We ended up at the Jefferson Memorial, and then part of our group kept going to see the rest of the DC sights.

Another highlight was our trip to the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum. It's close to our house and makes for a nice, easy outing. Here's the only large group shot I have from reunion weekend. Excuse the poor attempt to get rid of red eye.

We had fun seeing the sights, but my favorite part was hanging out into the late night hours chatting with these gals. We looked at old photo albums, laughed a LOT, caught up on the recent past, and I am left looking forward to the next reunion. When shall we do it, ladies?

Hanne got to stay one day longer (HOORAY!) with her sweet baby Chase. We had a fun time going to Great Falls.

Then we went exploring a little and found my new favorite playground: Clemyjontri Park.

SO glad you all came, Girls. Here's to the next reunion (and to finally getting this one blogged)!

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