Saturday, June 12, 2010

Preschool Graduation

June 7th was Spencer's preschool graduation. We attended the ceremony as a family. We're so proud of our graduate!

Here is a photo of the graduating class.

And the graduate himself: a 5-year-old in full regalia.

As we pulled out of our street, Emma pointed to a book that we have entitled "It's Graduation Day!" In the book, a big brother graduates, and the little sister insists that she needs a hat too. The brother finds her some bunny ears to wear. Emma was holding the book and said, "Let me read you the instructions," which indicated she, too, needed to wear bunny ears if she was going to fulfill her role in the day. We did a quick U-turn to comply with the request since we had some extra time and since she was modeling a fantastic reading strategy. What a great text-to-self connection!

Here's a picture of the pages Emma showed us.

Here's our Emma, making the story come to life.

We were very fortunate to have a carpool of GREAT kids from our ward. Here they are, all dressed up for the big day.

Mrs. Corwine was the lead teacher. She had classes of "student teachers" (high school students) that she mentored as they planned lessons and activities for the preschoolers. Spencer really came to love Mrs. Corwine; I did too. She is a fantastic educator.

Here is Allie, one of Spencer's favorite student teachers. He talked her into many a private drawing session through the course of the year. Thank you, Allie, for drawing Easter eggs, cars, airplanes, and boats upon request. We definitely see why Spencer liked preschool with so many cute student teachers to hang out with.

Finally, here is Spencer with his buddy Luke on their first day of preschool.

This photo is of them on graduation day.

The photo can hardly do justice to the amount of growth these boys have had through the course of the year. They entered the preschool door the first day clutching hands, a bit anxious about what they were getting themselves into. By the end of the year, the darted forward along the sidewalk on the way to school. I was hard pressed to keep up with them. Spencer has become a more independent, confident kid. He has shown some definite math smarts and can decipher many words. I know he will be hugely successful in kindergarten; he's ready for it. The question I ready for my little boy to be in kindergarten? The time is passing all too quickly...


Penny said...

I love the little outfits. Those are new this year! Congratulations Spencer. Kindergarten is SO much fun. Not as much fun as Mrs. Corwine and her cute teachers, but still very fun!

merilee said...

I'm sure sorry I missed that graduation. I would have loved to hop along beside Emma! Cute!

Melinda said...

Wow, Spencer looks so awesome in his little cap and gown! He sure is a smart kid. I also like Emma's bunny ears :)

Scott and Jen Driggs said...

How fun! Ethan's preschool didn't do a graduation, but I would have loved that. I agree, it is amazing how they grow and develop so much in just one school year...and I am definitely excited and a bit sad all at the same time about Kindergarten!!

Marie W said...

Jen - I love how our kids are growing up "together", even if it is on different sides of the country. Can't wait to hear about baby #3!!

lori said...

I love the full gowns! And I love Emma's bunny ears! I just died when I read that - so darling!!

And baby John is growing!! His smiles are so sweet =)

Love you, friends! Hope all is well! (I'll have to tuck away Spencer's "ant trap" idea...very ingenious!)