Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Roly poly

Children never cease to amaze. When John was 4 days old, we put him on Emma's bed for a little tummy time. He promptly proceeded to roll over onto his back. He performed this feat repeatedly, and the camera was on hand to catch him in the act.

Today, I thought I'd try another round of tummy time - this time flat on the ground. You know, give him a chance to strengthen his neck muscles, etc. He had other ideas. That first round of rolling was no happenstance. Each time I put him back on his belly, he would lunge to one side and roll to his back - 4 times in quick succession.

(Is that boy not the sweetest little fella you've ever seen?)

I remember Emma did this same thing twice at her 2 week doctor's appointment. However, I cannot recall a repeat performance after that. Here she is showing John her rolling skills. She's still got it.


Eva McGann said...

That is completely amazing that he can roll over already!!!!!! Watch out...he is destined for some great physcial feats in life! Maybe the Olympics!!

Brock and Kate said...

SO CUTE guys, that little boy is going places...literally!
emma's video is the best. you can tell she's like, "rolling is easy, what's the big deal?!?!?"

Betsy Henry said...

He is so precious!